Buy Master OG Marijuana, additionally acknowledged as “Master OG Kush,” is an indica-dominant hybrid marijuana stress from Cabin Fever Seed Breeders. Made via way of means of crossing Master Kush with Empress Kush, Master OG produces big and dense buds that generally tend to bend branches below the weight. This colorful, pine-scented flower is a super in shape for the ones struggling pain, nausea, and absence of sleep. Master OG is a few shape of the go Master Kush x OG Kush. This unique develop became puffy as a marshmallow. Since this became their only $five indica, I did not even trouble to odor it. Closer inspection of the buds did not actual too many trichromes on the bigger leaves, however in addition inspection found out a heavy increase withinside the center. The odor became natural lemon and pine as to be predicted via way of means of maximum kush strains. It might also additionally had been puffy and felt dry, however this stress rolled like I poured honey on it… any novice may want to roll a fatty with this flower. It took no time to hit and produced a lot tar, that I needed to smoke the closing of it in my bowl. five massive hits went down clean and definitely set the excessive off. If you are searching out the perfect. Buy Master OG Marijuana | is extra resemblant to a Kush than it’s far an O.G. Nice, darkish inexperienced with deep orange hairs and conventional earthy odor to it. This stress is a quite high-quality indica dominant hybrid with not anything too unique approximately it. It appears to be a high candidate for slipping right into a deep rest and now no longer a stress you will need to smoke earlier than work. Tastes great, smells great. its a creeper stress that offers you evergy at the start then could be very sedative.


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